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About Us

Our home is the legacy of the estate of a charismatic and charming man who appreciated “County” authenticity and the finer things in life.​

As mother and daughter team, our goal is to maintain the beauty, grace and integrity of the property and home that we adore and cherish so much, and share it with others who will appreciate and love it as much as we do.​

 We are dedicated to providing you with an environment that consistently exceeds expectations with elegant furnishings, sophisticated art, and luxurious amenities.

We encourage you to rent the entire property with your family and friends, and consider it your home away from home for the duration of your stay.

A side note, our home has been featured in such publications as Chatelaine Magazine, The Settlers Dream and Stone Houses of the County.


If you are looking for a lovely home in the town of Picton, walking distance to great shops and restaurants, please visit our friends at The Jamieson House  







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